Historical background

The Chervensky orphanage was established in the 30s of the 20th century on the basis of a disbanded military unit. Disabled children with physical disabilities, mostly orphans, lived in it. In a short time, the staff of the boarding school achieved high results. He was among the best boarding schools in the Minsk region.

However, the peaceful everyday life of the orphanage was interrupted by a sudden treacherous attack by Nazi troops. On June 30, 1941, Fascist troops occupied their native Chervenshchina. The boarding house was closed.

All the children contained in it were brutally destroyed. Only a few people were able to escape.

The German occupiers looted all material values, some buildings were dismantled for the construction of houses, some were burned. The remaining buildings were used for stables and other auxiliary services.

On July 2, 1944, the town of Cherven was liberated from the Nazi invaders, and work began on the restoration of the orphanage.

In October 1944, it opened its doors to orphaned children.

Initially, disabled children with physical disabilities who suffered as a result of military operations were kept in the orphanage on full state support.

Since 1954, the boarding house has been converted into an institution for the maintenance of psychoneurological sick children.

The staff of the boarding house did a lot of work to create appropriate conditions for residents and was awarded a high award: the passing banner of the Central Committee of the CPB, the Council of Ministers, Belsofprof and the Central Committee of the LKSMB was awarded. In 1977, this passing banner was left to the orphanage forever.

In 1986, a complete re-equipment of the boarding house was carried out.

In 2001, the boarding house was renamed into the State Institution "Chervensky Boarding House for disabled children with special needs of psychophysical development".

In 2000, the implementation of the Presidential program "Children of Belarus" began in the Republic of Belarus, within the framework of which work was carried out on the construction and equipping of new tasks of the boarding house.

In 2004, the first stage of the new boarding house was commissioned.

In 2006, the construction of a boarding house designed for 305 people was completed.

A youth department with 100 seats has been opened.

The boarding house was renamed into the State Institution "Chervensky Boarding house for disabled children and young disabled people with special needs of psychophysical development".

In 2008, the reconstruction of the medical building of the boarding house was completed.

At various times, the directors of the boarding house for neuropsychiatric children were:

Rezakov Pyotr Petrovich - the first director of a psychoneurological boarding school (since 1954).

Adam Petrovich Karkanitsa has been the director since 1962.

Belikov Alexey Alekseevich - director since 1965.

Alexandrovich Roman Alexandrovich – director since 1977.

Silich Viktor Vladimirovich – director since 1984.

Viktor Leonenko – Director since 2000.

Alexander Ivanovich Davydenko – Director since 2005.

Borisova Ella Anatolyevna – director since 2013.