The State institution "Chervensky Boarding House for disabled children with special needs of psychophysical development" expresses its sincere gratitude to the sponsors and volunteers. In the future, we hope for further cooperation, as well as assistance in the implementation of socially important projects!

Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus,

Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Minsk region,

Minsk Regional Administration of the Social Protection Fund,

Minsk Regional Organization of the Belarusian Professional Union of Employees of State and Other Institutions,

Minsk regional branch of the public association "Belarusian Peace Foundation",

The Brotherhood of Spyridon of Trimifunt,

LLC "Nitsmagister",

RUSP experimental base "Natalyevsk",

RUE "Minsk Regional agricultural experimental station",

JSC "Belagroprombank",

UP "Reliable programs",

Unitary Enterprise "Beltelecom",

LLC "Minsksortsemovoshch",

Alsace-Belarus Association,

JSC "Chervensky rayagroservice",

Priorbank OJSC, Belshina OJSC,

DUP "PMK-237",

MBOO "UniHelp",

LLC "Wheels of travel",

GO "Presidential Sports Club",

Local Charitable Foundation named after St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk,

LLC IC "Beta-F",

Private institution "International School",

BOO "World without borders",

MBF "Good here",

The Barren Chernobyl Project,

organization "From heart to heart",

Minsk College of Business and Law,

MBOO "Life for children",

Minsk City Forensic Examination Committee,

LLC "Vinflor", LLC "System technologies".

Zhivitskaya Oksana Leonidovna and her friends,

Nikolai Shulmin and his friends,

Vesnyanko Taras and Elena,

Varaksa Alexander,

Anton Struckel and his friends,

Natalia Babich and her friends,

Shemet Denis,

Pochtavtseva Elena and her friends.

It's so easy to help! The more of you, the more help our children get, the brighter and richer their life, the better its quality! We will take the hands of the child in our hands, and we will open our heart for him...

The administration of the State Institution "Chervensky Boarding school for disabled children with special needs of psychophysical development" in the person of Director Borisova Ella Anatolyevna expresses gratitude for the assistance provided in organizing and conducting cultural and entertainment events in the boarding house, visiting cultural and leisure and sports events outside the institution, strengthening the material and technical base of the institution.

Thank you for your warmth, responsiveness, sensitivity and understanding of the problems of disabled children.

Thanks to your help, the life of our students has become more comfortable and interesting.

We will be glad to cooperate with you in the future.

Bank details:

p/s BY54AKBB36420627003916000000

CBU No. 627 Cherven OJSC "ASB Belarusbank" Cherven, K.Marx str., 5a, BIC AKBBBY2X

UNP – 600229054

OKPO — 03199172